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Milestones & Next Steps


  • Anglican Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tanzania requests assistance developing small group discipleship program (November)


  • DMP Small Group Basic Course in 3 Deaneries1 (June)


  • DMP Small Group Advanced Course; Basic Course in 4 Deaneries (July)

  • Solicitation of corporations for interest in GHG projects in Tanzania (Aug-Dec)

  • TIST Pilot Project development meeting, Phase I launched (December)

  • CAAC funds 1999 Planting Loan Program (December)


  • Training of trainers on conservation farming, small groups, agroforestry

  • First quarterly TIST Project Board Meeting (May)

  • DMP Small Group "Refresher" Course (August)

  • Sustainable development/conservation farming training (August)

  • TIST Project Board Meeting (August)

  • Pilot Test Phase I Complete, Phase II launched

  • Dow commits to support CAAC/TIST (September)

  • Dow Foundation awards grant to support the I4EI/TIST (December)

  • 2000 Planting Loan distributed (December)


  • TIST Ltd. formed (March)

  • 2000 Planting Loan Repayment (July)

  • Initial action plan for 1st TIST replication (August)

  • Sustainable development and conservation farming training (October)

  • Small group training (October)

  • 2001 Planting Loan Program Distribution (November)


  • 2001 Planting Loan Program Repayment (June)

  • 2002 Harvest Loan Distribution (July)

  • Target: Phase 2 completion and 1.5 million trees planted (September)

  • 2002 Harvest Loan Repayment (September)

  • Phase II Complete (September)

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