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Payments to Groups

Income from Greenhouse Gas Sales is passed on to farmers and can help them to buy better seed, become more financially secure, and plant and maintain trees.

TIST works to provide revenues to participants to help sustain themselves during the dry season and embark upon a program that would enable residents to reforest their land and replenish the soil. TIST has developed opportunities for groups to sell Greenhouse Gas Credits from trees they are planting, and create regular revenues for groups for their healthy trees.

TIST provides quarterly payments to small groups on a per tree basis. In Tanzania a typical group with 1,500 trees could earn the equivalent of a month's wage over the course of a year from their trees. Quarterly payments as act as an encouragement to the groups, but the trees also have significant intrinsic economic benefits:

  • Fruit and nuts produced

  • Bark, which can be used to produce medicines

  • Shade, protecting crops and families

  • Soil improvement

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