Please read the note below before continuing on to the new TIST webmail.

The webmail is slightly different in layout to the webmail before, but hopefully will be simple to learn.

Enter you username and password in the boxes as prompted. Your username and password may have changed so please read the points below:

As a result of changing webmail some of the usernames and passwords have changed. If your old username and password do not work try these steps:

1. If your password was four numbers like 2840 before it now has a pw in front, e.g. 2840 is now pw2840.

2. Your username may have been changed from a short firstname only username to your full name. For example if your username used to be joseph and you are called joseph amani then your new username is josephamani. There are a couple of exceptions to this so please try your first name only username first.

3. If no record of your password could be found your password has been reset to caaccaac. If your password has been reset please choose a new password. Go to this link and then enter your username and password. For this to work you need to enter after your username, e.g. rather than just josephamani. This will open a control panel, click on preferences to enter your new password. Once you have entered a new password click log out. Even if you already have a different password you can use this method to change your password.

Once you have opened webmail you will see a welcome screen. Click on inbox to display your new mails. Then use the buttons at the top and bottom of the screen to view the address book and to compose new e-mails.

Use this link to open webmail now - WEBMAIL

Your old webmail should now have been forwarded to your new account. Please check to see if this is the case. If you feel any of your email has got lost in the transfer please e-mail and we will try to sort out this problem for you.